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Judy Kaminsky is an exceptional person and gifted couple and family therapist. She works well with everyone and has especially developed a niche for working with couples. I am very proud she is my colleague!
— Stephanie Brooks Ph.D., LCSW, LMFT Drexel University - Chair, Couple and Family Therapy Department Couple and Family Therapy Educator for 23 years
I can’t say enough about how much clearer my path in life has become thanks to working with Judy. It seems as if Judy was born to help people like me with their relationship and self-discovery. Whenever I walk away from my sessions with her, things seem so much more clear to me. A lot of the weight feels as if it’s been lifted off my shoulders.
— D.S.
Judy is the most genuine, caring individual I have ever met. She is patient, attentive, sympathetic and empathetic—all the ingredients one is looking for in a therapist. Judy’s qualities coupled with her expertise make her a powerful therapist who has helped many clients reach their personal goals. Judy has helped me become more reflective and self-aware, while also learning to view different perspectives in order to seek my own answers. Judy has always provided me with a safe and non-judgmental environment, which is a necessity in order for me to be open and honest.
— Kim N.
I had the good fortune of learning Judy Kaminsky’s profession, at a critical time. If you are looking for someone who is supportive, knowledgeable, current and committed to your entire family, Judy Kaminsky is that person. Let me tell you about my story.

My wife and I have been married 34 years; have professional occupations, strong family values, and are loving parents. We were unable to have children naturally, but were fortunate to adopt our son (24 yrs. old) at 5 days old and our daughter (19 yrs. old) at 3 days old. Family life seemed to be going quite well for many years until our daughter was in 7th grade. We had some lying issues and were advised by our pediatrician to seek counseling. We did, but our daughter quickly learned how to out maneuver the counselor. For the next several years we moved from counselor to counselor, each time hoping to get better results, but only to be disappointed. Our daughter’s issues became more and more severe. Alcohol started to enter the picture and we have picked her up from the ER on four different occasions in the past 3 years, because of intoxication. There was a suicide attempt two years ago, increase use of alcohol and some drugs, sexual promiscuity, a DUI, as well as numerous other incidents. What we found amazing was although we were extremely proactive to find the right psychiatrist and counselors to help our daughter, nothing was working.

I had met Judy at the gym and one day after one of our bigger incidents, we began talking and I shared some information about our daughter. Judy listened to my situation and became a sounding board for me. I did not know Judy was a counselor who specializes in couple and family therapy. She was so supportive and began to provide me some valuable information on things we should do as a family. Up until this point, all counseling sessions were for my daughter. We had on a couple of occasions spoken with her counselor, but it was usually about how counseling was going for her. What I realized after talking with Judy was we needed support on how to deal with my daughter. We had tried so many things and none of them were working. We were feeling a great deal of guilt and unsure of what to do next. My wife and I decided it was time for us to get some support so we set up an appointment to meet with Judy. It was so valuable!! She listened to what was happening and began to provide insight and advice on what we should do. We needed to set some very concrete limits with consequences for our daughter. We realized that we were being controlled by our daughter’s behaviors and that she was a master at controlling our emotions. We also confirmed that we needed to get our daughter to admit she has a problem and needed help to deal with her issues. Judy provided us and continues to provide us with tremendous support and information on how to deal with most of these issues.

As a result of our conversations with Judy and the actions we have taken, my daughter has finally acknowledged her need for professional support to deal with her issues. She has been evaluated by an excellent Adolescent Psychiatrist and we are currently in the process of getting her the specific needed treatment.

We have been on an emotional roller coaster for the past seven years, but believe we finally are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The psychiatrist is confident that he has diagnosed my daughter’s specific disorder and that it can be treated successfully. We realize that we are only at the beginning stages of this turnaround, but are optimistic.

I thank Judy every time I see her for her support and commitment to helping us deal with our daughter. Although our family has seen numerous counselors and psychiatrists over the years, I found Judy to be the most Current, which I truly believe was the difference! I would recommend Judy without hesitation and be most receptive to discussing how Judy could support you.

If you would like to talk to me, please feel free to contact Judy and she will provide you with my contact information.
I have known Judy for over 10 years. She is a very caring and compassionate person who is easy to talk to, an excellent listener, and very insightful. Judy is conscientious and thorough in her work while still being very approachable and down to earth. She has all the qualities one would look for in a qualified therapist.
— Diane Wagenhals, Med, Certified Family Life Educator, Program Director for the Institute for Family Professionals
Judy has a tremendous amount of patience and skills to help anyone with their needs, whether it be to communicate better with their spouse/partner/friends or family members, or with other issues in their lives. She has helped me discover myself and be a more authentic person. After seeing Judy, I feel more confident and I possess a higher self esteem than I have ever had in my life. I am in my mid-forties and have been home with my children for many years. Once all my children were in school full-time, I felt lost. She aided me in finding myself and discovering my needs at this crossroad I was facing. She has eminent skills for listening to her clients while staying diplomatic and letting you find your own answers, and she does it without judgment.

Taking the initiative to see a therapist may be perceived as a weakness in one’s own character, but this is far from the truth. It takes a strong, self aware person to seek aid in their lives. It is not only for improving your relationships, whether it be communicating or other issues you have, it could just simply be to improve who you are. I can not thoroughly express how much Judy’s professional skills have helped me in my life. As a result of seeking help for myself through Judy’s assistance, I feel the positive domino affect in my relationships with people in my life. I continue to recommend Judy’s service to anyone who is seeking a therapist.
— K.T.